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Weight loss counseling

The weight loss center at Infini Cosmetic Associates has a unique weight loss support and counseling program that is specially customized to meet each patient's weight loss goals and requirements. For people who want to lose weight effective and keep it off will find the aid and support they need all throughout their weight loss program. Each medical weight loss counseling session focuses around the patient's specific needs and emotional requirements. At each visit to center, our patient will receive personalized counseling sessions conducted by a qualified weight loss physician or member of the staff. In order for a fast weight loss program to be successful, it is important for the patient to keep control over overeating, cravings and binging.


By making sure that the individual is committed to their weight loss; then we can be certain that they will be successful in their medical weight loss program.

Beginning any weight loss program can be difficult. We give our patients the tools they need to be able to overcome adversities and to gain control back of their weight and of their health. Addressing weight can open up many emotional issues. It is of the upmost importance to tackle these issues and help them find comfort in a healthy lifestyle as well as to encourage motivation. Our trained staff of doctors and nurses offer techniques, support and tools for effective weight-management that will help them keep the weight off permanently. At our center, we give our patients education on how to lose weight and give then dietary guidelines using the Glycemic Index. We focus on instructing patients about continuous weight loss and to maintain it. At Infini we see the patient as a whole, and therefore it is also important to accompany the patient during their weight loss process not only in an educational way, but also emotionally. These educational sessions have been designed to help the patient create gradual lifestyle and eating changes, and how to main their weight loss for life.

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