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Watch and listen to William J. Hall, M.D. discuss the integration of procedure and weight Loss.

Doctor Hall


I would like to say a very special Thank you. After my procedure I am so extremely pleased with my end results. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering to make the investment in themselves. I would like to request the photos of the before and after pictures. If you would email those to me, I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks Again for a Job Well Done!

Sincerely / Jacquline

I hope that subject line got your attention I am sure you get a lot of emails from patients thanking you but I didn't expect to be so delighted so quickly basically this isn't a letter I thought I would be sending for a few months. First off you made me completely comfortable & confident from go, when my husband & I consulted with you just a few shorts weeks ago I didn't think that anyone would win his approval but you did & that is NO easy feat! I am THRILLED with my results so far & only I left your office 12-21-09 after 3 hours of surgery. So not only did it take less time then you thought :) but you were absolutely right my skin has reacted very well - minimal bruising - very little pain ( I took 1/2 pain pill that night - the other 1/2 next morning ) & THATS IT! I feel great back to 75% of my life - little stiff , bending is a bit uncomfortable but obviously not that much - as I visited with family & friends right thru the holidays NOBODY had a clue I just had surgery 3 days earlier with you. As I told you upon my 1st meeting with you - I have lost 50lbs. within the last few years - this procedure was the icing on the cake - a completion of the new me, I clearly made the best decision choosing you as my doctor. You are a true artist & expert in your field from what I see - I just can't wait til my vacation this summer in the carribean - I will soooooo be rockin a NEW BIKINI Happy New Year - see you on my follow up appt.

Sincerely / A So Incredibly Greatful Client