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Low calorie diets

Medically prescribed weight loss diet can give you faster results with a customized plan specially designed for your body type and needs. The objective of the low calorie diet is to make your metabolism burn the excess fat. Since hunger and cravings are controlled with appetite suppressant medication, the patient will be able to change their eating habits easier, and start losing weight with no hunger. Our medically prescribed weight loss diets have been highly studied and deliver results with have been proven time and time again.

Depending on the outcome of the physical evaluation one of our weight loss specialist will prescribe a diet that is usually around 800-calorie specially designed for fast weight loss. Such a diet plan combines regular food with nutritional meal replacement shakes that include the proper daily nutritional required such as minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.


When the right diet is combined with appetite suppressant medications the patient will be able to achieve faster results while becoming healthier. The idea is that the medications help the patient lose weight while their eating habits are changed.

Our goal is to get your body to lose weight smartly, without starving. With the help of the medical weight loss program at Infini Cosmetic Associates in a few weeks you will be able to see results. Your measures will reduce and the fat will be dramatically reduced.

Unfortunately, most people believe that diets are the 'enemy'. The main problem with dieting is hunger and cravings and by eliminating those, the patient is free to make better choices about what they are going to eat. Additionally, is a diet is not right for a person it can make them gain more weight. The adequate diet prescribed for a specific individual will focus on burning fast.

The proper diet can have many benefits for you; however it is important that a qualified weight loss specialist studies your case since we all are different. What can work for one person may not work for another one. Additionally we all have different tastes and lifestyles, therefore a “cookie cutter” diet approach that is designed for a broad audience will most likely not give you the nutrition nor the weight loss effect that you need.

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