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Appetite suppresant programs

These medications effectively reduce your appetite and food cravings.

Appetite suppressants are used for short-term treatment of obesity. In order for appetite suppressants to be successful, the patient must change their diet and adapt to the guidelines proposed by in their weight loss program. To obtain maximum results activity increase is recommended. Regular weigh-ins will and checkups will be performed in order to check your progress and additional dietary adjustment will ensure that the patient obtains the maximum benefits of the program. During the whole program, constant weight loss counseling is providing.

The appetite suppressant medication used have proven to be effective in weight loss as they reduce hunger and anxious food related thoughts making the patient feel satisfied after eating a sensible portion.

Prescription Appetite Suppressants

At Infiniskin we use a wide array of prescription medications proven to aid weight loss by reducing hunger and food related thoughts. By eliminating hunger a person is able to concentrate on their diet and make better decisions about their nutrition. These medications include:

  • Phentermine/Adipex/Fastin
  • Bontril
  • Meridia
  • Orlistat

The Importance of a Consultation

It is only thru a medical consultation that a professional can determine which medicines to use and their dosage. Only a qualified professional in the weight loss field can effectively prescribe these medications not only to give the patient the best possible results, but also to avoid any health dangers that can arise from uncontrolled used of these medications.

After consultation, the patient will be given a prescription with the recommended medication and indications on how to take them specially prescribed for their individual weight loss goals and medical condition.

When these medications are used in combination with a physician-supervised weight loss program and plan, they can help speed up the weight loss and keep the patient on track. However, these medications should only be used on a short-term basis and under strict medical supervision.

During consultation body measures will be taken of the waist, hip, blood pressure and pulse among other. An ideal waist size for men is less than 40 and for women less than 34. However; differences in body types, gender, age and personal circumstances as well as aesthetic goals can make these numbers differ.

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