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Weight Loss Scottsdale,
The Infini Weight Loss Method

We believe in the application of new and revolutionary methods to achieve rapid weight loss thought medical counseling.

Has Medicine Found a way to Lose Weight Fast?

The scientific advances that have occurred recently have caused great hope among doctors and patients look forward to a new medicine to lose weight fast. We use a combination of prescription medicines such as Phentermine, with Lipo B injections and nutritional supplements to create a combination that will allow the patient to lose weight. Additionally, patients are given dietary guidelines that will help them increase their caloric intake and not feel hungry and reduce anxiety. Obviously any medicine to lose weight may work while you take it but after the patient stops taking it usually the weight comes back. That is why we also focus on educating the patient on the guidelines that they need to follow in order to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off.

Achieving Effective Weight Loss

The weight that most people lose when dieting, in an industry plagued by bad advice and misinformation, is composed mainly of muscle and not really fat. In a proper diet, you want to lose inches and fat, not muscle tissue. Our weight loss center supervised by top health professionals focuses on the pounds and inches of fat deposits in your body, not just muscle loss, and you will see your own progress. Accordingly, the "eat less, exercise more" is effective for some. However, if you have had trouble losing weight and trying to keep it off, visit our team of expert doctors. A consultation with one of our doctors and medical evaluation will help us understand specifically your unique conditions and thus get to the bottom of your weight loss problem.

A Personal Approach To Weight Loss

We are all different and this is really true when it comes to losing weight. When you come to Infini you will have a consultation with one of our weight loss specialists. Our top weight loss specialists and doctors will provide you with a thorough medical evaluation and analysis necessary to create a weight loss program and diet designed to meet the individual needs and lifestyle.

All patients of Infini are automatically entitled to a complimentary consultation for our programs at our Phoenix Weight Loss Center. To learn more about us or about our programs or to schedule a consultation use our contact form.

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